By Saunders Staley
Flying Robot Aerials

Sign spinners, traditional advertising, billboards, TV, social media… there is an endless list of ways to market your business in today’s market. Our cultural environment is changing almost as fast as consumers’ attention spans, and has made relevancy, visibility, and creative appeal imperative components of a successful brand and ad campaign.

Regardless of what platform you use, in today’s market, you must be three chess moves and one checkmate ahead of the game. In other words, you must constantly be working forward thinking and out of the box strategies to capture the modern audience.
As the owner/creator of Flying Robot, an aerial and ground work production company, and with 18+ years of work in media, photography and cinematography, I have experienced, first hand, the transformation of marketing over time. Two years ago, I began to include aerial services to our existing photography and cinematography services. At that time, I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I just knew that in the midst of a marketing evolution, I wanted our ground imagery to be complimented by an aerial focus. I wanted to enhance production by adding a different viewpoint.

People have been attaching cameras to aerial devices for years, however just within the past five years, technology has allowed for buttery smooth and high-quality shots. With the addition of clear and powerful aerial footage, Flying Robot has stayed ahead of the game, and we are proud to deliver dynamic, interesting, and unique productions to our clients.

Whether a real estate project, a construction time-lapse, an event or restaurant marketing video, adding aerial footage opens doors to a cinematic experience for the end user that were not open before. Our aerial specialists capture epic shots from a bird’s eye point of view that previously would have taken more hours, more planning, more man power, more equipment and more cost to the client. Being able to implement these shots by drone keeps our costs down, quality of work up and offers more affordable options for our clients that weren’t available before. Our ability to use selective focus and detailed shots on the ground, then zoom out to an overview of, let’s say, an event or high end real estate property, adds texture, feeling, and wonder, ultimately creating a fulfilling and whole experience.

Flying Robot’s clients have seen a huge spike in traffic introducing these videos on their social media platforms and other media. Since the launch of Instagram’s Vertical TV program in early July, Flying Robot began formatting videos to fit this program and we have already increased clients’ followings, visibility, brand awareness, and business. Year over year, numbers have shown that businesses complimenting their marketing strategy with video production as a building block for their branding, gain substantial followers on social media and a more engaged audience.

If you haven’t yet implemented professional video production into your existing marketing plan, are curious to see how Flying Robot could visually tell your story, or have any questions about the drone industry, feel free to reach out to Flying Robot via our website: