Gold Fever

By J. Adam Burch and Stacey Lane

There is a legend of an ancient ailment that has plagued humankind for millennia, its origin older than recorded time and with no real cure, theorized to be extraterrestrial. Stories say that a simple elemental exchange with this alien metal causes a transformation; unseen at first, in anyone who dares to seek the secrets of a rare and unique material.   With a glimmer, your heart will begin to race and then the fever. Hard callused hands, sweat and blood were the small prices paid to conquer humankind’s hankering, especially when compared to the cost of the souls gathered at the price of gold.


Today, gold is more commonly a bi-product of commercially owned mines that are collecting large quantities of less-rare materials like copper and aluminum. Nevertheless, gold continues to consume humanity as it always has.  Today’s private sector struggles to maintain the balance of man verses machine against the corporate giants scrambling for ultimate control.

Small rural communities like Black Canyon City, Arizona continue to draw outside business by helping a new generation discover what some might call a tradition. Private claims newly purchased or handed down to family and friends marks a prolonged hope for self-sufficiency, freedom and liberty and serve as testimony to the prolonged hope for a self-made fortune and financial freedom. At $1,075.95 per troy ounce, a personal gold strike still seems a tempting path to quick riches.

Local prospector, Steve Karolyi, began his story at age eight with a jug of water and a .22 caliber rifle.  Karolyi told the Bullet, “I have had ‘gold fever’ since I was eight.  As a small boy I would complete my chores, grab my rock hammer, my trusty old single shot .22 rifle and a jug of water before heading to the hills.”

He relates how he would return from each trip to have a neighbor, a knowledgeable, canny old-time miner with which to exchange pleasantries over the newly-treasured pocket full of rocks. Until the day the most interesting rock was discovered and the captivating cascade of yellow rings the pan.  “We had an old timer (prospector) that lived down the road so on my return from each adventure I would stop by to show him my discoveries. The old-timer was absolute in knowledge around rocks and minerals and would look at each rock then pitch them into a pile that was growing from each of my jaunts into the desert. “Leaverite!” he would announce as he pitched my samples aside,” Karolyi remarked.

Steve Karolyi thought proudly that he discovered a new mineral, “leaverite”.  “My precious discoveries were just plain old rocks so what he was trying to tell me was to ‘leave it right there,’” Karolyi reminisced with a smile. One day the young Karolyi brought back a nice sample that the prospector took an interest in and crushed it to powder in an ancient mortar and pestle. “He panned it and showed me a string of color that he claimed was high grade gold.  Needless to say I was really hooked on prospecting from that day on,” Karolyi added.

Fast forward 34 years to the shop, resting at the base of the Bradshaw Mountain Range, Black Canyon City is a quiet footnote in ArizonaGold history despite the richness of the landscape. Fighting back incorporation and focusing on voluntarism, many consider that to be a major reason why it has continued to maintain its rugged riches and cultivate a united community.


Since the Mining Law of 1872, it has been possible for average citizens to explore for, discover, and purchase the rights to certain valuable “locatable” minerals on lands in the public domain.  Locatable minerals include gold, silver, copper and other hard rock minerals.  In Arizona, there are currently more than 40,000 active mining claims recorded on Arizona’s public lands.  The U.S. Bureau of Land Management administers both mining claim records and mineral leases on land managed by other federal agencies.  There are protocols to follow and paperwork to file, but the experts at Mine Finder Gold can help those newly bit with the gold bug to negotiate the legalities.

Stever Karolyi is there to help others pursue the dream of an authentic (and remunerative) gold strike.  Mine Finder Gold/Ranger Gold Exploration LLC, serve both recreational and commercial claims. “We choose areas that have a valid mineral discovery,” said Karolyi about the 20.66 acres that constitute a claim.

The team has over 75 years of combined experience in mineral exploration and mining for large companies, and have participated in every phase of mineral exploration from grass-roots reconnaissance to extensive drilling programs.  Skills range from locating a target, soil, rock and stream sediment surveys and exploration activities include the search for gold, silver and platinum, diamonds and more.

Whether in a mall, on Wall Street, or a dirt road outside a small rural town- the heart beckons, gold is where you find it.

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