Four intersections in Peoria recently became more colorful thanks to students from Coyote Hills, Frontier, Sunset Heights, and Zuni Hills Elementary Schools. City-owned utility boxes at 107th Avenue and Williams Road, 83rd Avenue and Lone Cactus Road, 87th Avenue and Lake Pleasant Parkway, as well as 95th Avenue and Deer Valley Road, recently were “wrapped” in designs by students from the neighboring schools. As part of the regular school curriculum, students in art classes competed for the opportunity to have their design wrapped on a utility box. The final selections for the four locations were done by the Peoria Youth Advisory Board. The board’s selection meeting, held after the COVID-19 closure of public facilities, was conducted via video conference.

Zuni Hills sixth grader, Kimber Powell, designed the wrap at 107th Avenue and Williams. Blake Sticht, a third grader from Frontier Elementary School, created the design at 83rd Avenue and Lone Cactus. The box at 95th Avenue and Deer Valley was designed by Braelyn Gonzalez, with attention to the bright orange sunsets known to be frequent in Peoria. Seventh grader Alisha McIntryre, from Coyote Hills Elementary School, won the competition for her work to be displayed at 87th Avenue and Lake Pleasant Parkway, easily the most trafficked location of the four locations.

“After a Willow District resident commented on how unattractive some intersections were, with the variety of metal boxes, I met with a group of residents to discuss options,” says Councilmember Jon Edwards. “The idea to use the work of local students came from that volunteer committee. Any way that I can help to get kids actively involved in their community, I am all for it.”

These first four street corners are part of a pilot project in the city where students participate in adding value and artwork to Peoria streets. For more information about the art programs in Peoria, visit