The longtime local charity, The Joy Bus, recently announced that it has expanded its More Than A Meal Delivery program to include homebound cancer patients in the Peoria area.

In partnership with Copper Hills Church and the City of Peoria, the Joy Bus and Copper Hills work with medical offices and hospitals to identify patients, and provide freshly prepared, nutritious meals packaged according to food safety guidelines, to be delivered by volunteers to the cancer patients. In addition, Joy Bus assisted in the development of delivery protocols to keep cancer patients safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Copper Hills Church donated $2,500 to help cover the costs of the meals and is providing volunteers to deliver the meals to homebound cancer patients across the Peoria area. The Joy Bus also works with the Phoenix Cancer Support Network to deliver meals to cancer patients as well.

Mayor Cathy Carlat and the City of Peoria matched the donation made by Copper Hills Church in support of the partnership and the help it provides to the citizens of Peoria.

“The Joy Bus and Copper Hills Church each have an amazing history of uplifting those around them. Now they are coming together and they will be unstoppable in their joint mission to bring lifesaving nourishment to homebound individuals,” says Peoria Mayor Cathy Carlat. “Peoria welcomes this program with open arms and it is my pleasure to support their efforts to elevate the lives of those in need.”

The Joy Bus was founded in 2011 by Jennifer Caraway after her good friend was diagnosed with an aggressive form of ovarian cancer. Starting as a one-woman operation serving two patients, The Joy Bus has grown into an unparalleled service and vital community resource, delivering more than 9,000 meals to homebound cancer patients throughout greater Phoenix. By partnering with charitable local chefs, farmers and more, The Joy Bus delivers delicious, healthful meals, made with fresh, organic and non-GMO produce each week to clients by compassionate volunteers in eco-friendly, chemical-free packaging. Tucked into each paper bag that has been decorated by a community member is an informational sheet on the nutritional power of the ingredients used and how this will support their fight against cancer and hopefully improve their quality of life in the face of a devastating disease.

The Joy Bus organization also operates The Joy Bus Diner (which is temporarily closed due to the COVID crisis), offering hearty, made-to-order breakfast and lunch fare, where every cent earned is used to support The Joy Bus.

For more information, call 602-595-5884 or visit