The triple-digit temperatures of an Arizona summer often serve as a reminder of the precious resources we enjoy throughout the year – particularly water. Although Peoria has a stable, diverse and well-managed water portfolio, it is important that we each take steps to conserve water wherever we can.

Water use may increase in summer months. This increase is often the result of additional water used to maintain lawns and keep plants alive in Arizona’s hot, dry environment. Pools lose water to evaporation during the warmer months as well, resulting in regular refills. However, increases can also be a sign of a leak or other problems.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average household loses more than 10,000 gallons of water each year through leaks — the same amount of water needed to wash 280 loads of laundry, take 600 showers or meet the average family’s water needs for a month. The city of Peoria works diligently to review water usage from its monthly meter reads and investigates higher than normal water use. If there is a sign of a potential leak or high water flow at the time of the meter inspection, a customer service representative will attempt to contact the customer and report the findings. In addition, the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association (AMWUA) Smart Home Water Guide offers step-by-step instructions on reading your meter and inspecting water devices on the property, such as performing a dye test to check for a toilet leak. The guide is available online at

Beyond monitoring for household leaks, Peoria’s Sustainable University offers free workshops designed to empower Peoria residents to make small changes for big impacts. Through these classes, residents can learn about a variety of topics from subject matter experts related to water conservation, such as desert landscaping and water use, as well as important sustainable topics including solar, energy conservation and composting. To learn more about how to implement sustainable measures in your own home, visit

Each of us must do our part to use water wisely to ensure an adequate water supply for today and future generations. Water conservation will not only help save our precious water resources, it can also help save money. For more information on conserving water, visit