By Allison Barnett

In the midst of undoubtedly stressful times, we are fortunate to be surrounded by bountiful opportunities to step into nature to exercise or unwind. A wonderful attribute of North 32nd is the ability to enjoy so many outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, walking, and more right in our own backyards or just a short drive away.

Here are a few tips from our community on where to enjoy the outdoors:
• Peak 2429 also known as Two-Bit Peak or Dixie Peak. It is reached via the L.V. Yates trail off of 40th Street south of Shea.
• North Mountain Park off 7th Street offers hiking trails of varying difficulty and a couple of summits with beautiful views as well as a visitor center.
• South on 32nd Street until it ends. Hike staying to right and head to trail VOAZ. It’s absolutely gorgeous.
• Take 24th Street and turn west onto Cholla. Trails abound.
• Take Shea west until it ends for a variety of hiking opportunities.
• If you’re up for a little drive and looking for outdoor and low crowd activity, check out the Sears Kay ruins. It is about 45 minutes just north of Carefree.
• The Jewel of the Creek with the beautiful Dragonfly Trail also connects to Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area is just a short drive north near Cave Creek.

Many of the above suggestions within North 32nd are connections or part of Trail 100, which offers connectivity with many other trails for longer hikes and rides.

With any of the tips, please be mindful to respect private property when you park as well as when and how you walk to trails. On the trails, keep it beautiful by packing in and packing out anything that you bring with you as well as respecting nature.

In addition to the options in the preserves, we are lucky to have many community parks that offer play structures and grassy areas, including Christy Cove Park, Road Runner Park, Altadena Park, Mercury Mine Basin, and more. These offer opportunities for kids and dogs alike get their energy out. The mountains that surround our community offer us beautiful sunrises and sunsets throughout the year. Maybe this year you will try a sunrise or a sunset hike to check out the views from above of our amazing North 32nd community and the greater City of Phoenix.

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Allison Barnett is an managing partner and ambassador for North 32nd, which is bringing revitalization of the community through strategic partnerships with the City of Phoenix as well as local businesses. Allison is also a licensed associate real estate broker with Realty ONE Group. Learn more at and

Photo provided by Allison Barnett.