Since incorporating in 1954, Peoria has blossomed into a rapidly growing, modern city that offers a high quality of living. Some of the attributes that residents and business owners appreciate about Peoria are the stunning natural environment, safe and clean neighborhoods, diversified employment opportunities, strong educational facilities, numerous quality outdoor recreation areas, and vibrant arts and culture venues.

So how do you guide future growth and development smartly, while maintaining the quality of life in Peoria? The city utilizes a policy document known as the general plan to guide Peoria’s future decisions relative to land use, public services, infrastructure and resource management, and it provides a clear and defined program for achieving the community vision for Peoria’s future.

Peoria’s general plan, known as PlanPeoriaAZ 2040, will be on the November 3 ballot as Proposition 445. The general plan’s overall themes include wellness, fiscal responsibility, strategic relationships, adaptability, forward thinking, and place making, which are projects intended to activate unused areas of the city to give them a sense of place.

The PlanPeoria2040 Vision Statement is: “In 2040, Peoria is a safe, connected, engaged, vibrant, and livable community that emphasizes fiscal responsibility and thoughtful growth to ensure a healthy city for all citizens.”

Peoria’s last General Plan Update was approved in 2010. Peoria’s new plan is has been completely updated and is designed around six livability goals. The new plan addresses a multitude of topics such as water resources, land use, housing, transportation and more, according to the city. Hard copies of the General Plan Update are available for viewing at the City of Peoria Public Libraries. The full plan is also available online.

To find out more about the city’s general plan, visit Have more questions? Contact Lorie Dever, planning manager, at 623-773-7200 or via e-mail at [email protected]