The Scottsdale Police Department (PD) recently created a new Transparency and Accountability webpage that provides open access to its policy manual.
The new page can be accessed at

These are the most current policies, which are continuously reviewed and updated through an extensive revision process, according to the department.

While most policies are available online, not every policy is available through the website to preserve tactical, officer safety, and other security concerns. Under the Arizona Public Records laws, such release or withholding must be evaluated pursuant to the Carlson balancing test. If a community member would like a policy listed in the Table of Contents that is not available on the website, one can make a public records request to see if a redacted version can be released.

“The Scottsdale Police Department participates in numerous department wide programs to foster public accountability and provide transparency,” according to Scottsdale PD. “This includes Uniformed Crime Reporting, International Accreditation, data analytics, policy management, and the Strategic Plan for the Scottsdale Police Department.”

Every year, Scottsdale PD voluntarily submits to a rigorous review of departmental policies and procedures that address compliance with over 460 standards, according to Scottsdale PD. A department-wide assessment, including interviews with city leadership and the community, is completed every four years by external assessment teams.

The accreditation process ensures accountability within the department in meeting or exceeding the gold standard expectations of policing, cites Scottsdale PD.

For more information about police accreditation, call 480-312-1971.